Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The One Wish That Makes All Others Come True

The One Wish That Makes All Others Come True
by Guy Finley

Key Lesson: Until the wish to know myself comes before the wish to please myself, it's impossible to do either one.

Let Self-Knowledge Light the Way Ahead
Few are those content with the direction their lives have taken; fewer are the men and women willing to learn why their destiny feels outside their control; and fewer still are those individuals who persist upon the path of self-discovery until realizing the truth of why their worlds unfold as they do.

One of the sad reasons why so few men and women persist in the inner work necessary for higher self-discovery is because we have all become -- to one degree or another --either an unwitting captive of, or willing participant in, what can only be described as a descending scale in the meaning of life.

More simply stated, over time our values have been subtly shifting away from the love of the wisdom of life to the excitement of striving to win at life, from the possibility of a self-renewing relationship with eternal forces to the promise of increasingly one-sided interactions with what amounts to little more than the pursuit of temporary possessions.

Only the ignorance of ourselves to what is possible for each of us to actually be, as opposed to what we hope to have -- but never seem to secure -- could allow such a meaningless state of self to persist and become self-perpetuating. Only self-ignorance would accept a mediocre life as the inescapable conclusion to the deep discontentment inherent in any direction supplied by self-ignorance.

What this proves, if we'll agree to reflect upon the truth being presented, is that higher self-knowledge, real wisdom, represents the rudder we must have to correct the course of this drifting ship we call self. Why? Because the happy truth is that we are not so much lost in the sea of choices life offers us as we are just adrift amongst them; caught up in their ever-changing currents and unsure as to which shore is our homeland. So wisdom is not only the higher course, but our safe harbor as well.

But it isn't enough to just learn the principles of wisdom. Studying wise principles without putting them into practice is like learning how to read music but never owning an instrument through which to experience the sound of those notes you know. True wisdom is not theory. It is the fruit of experience whose seed is action. The wise are not those most learned, but the best tempered by truths put to the test of life.

It is essential for any person intending to be more than a leaf in the wind of life to learn the truth of him or herself by boldly jumping into these very same winds. Life, as it is --and not as we'd wish it to be -- is our school, teacher, and teaching. Each event and relationship therein is our own field, grain, thresher, oven, and bread, making our willingness to dive into life's lessons the determining factor in whether we learn to rise above this world or remain ruled by it. The choice is ours, so the more knowledgeable we are about ourselves the fewer questions we will have about which path we choose.

Prove to yourself that just as the absence of self-understanding is the same as standing in darkness, new and true self-knowledge serves as the Light that lights the way. The ability to see, clearly, the way ahead of you is the same as being empowered to make those choices called determining your own destiny.

This article is excerpted from Design Your Destiny (pages 142-145)

Friday, December 3, 2010

This morning I had the opportunity to see, yet again, how my conversation impacts my life on an everyday basis. You may or may not have experienced this for yourself or even know what the heck I am talking about or this may sound like familiar knowledge to you but what I really mean is this...
I realized, while I was on the phone this morning, that they way I said something actually expressed a "created truth," "The way it is!" about the way I was percieving an aspect of my life from a negative viewpoint.
My new friend, Lisa Bard Clement, on the other end of the phone, who is very committed to saying what is so from the perspective of "What You Say Creates Your World," reminded me of something I know to be a very powerful, magically magnetic and that what I had just said had me leaning in the direction of and actually bolstering up what I didn't like or want in my life, verses sharing what was going on for me in this arena from the other side of the perspective

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A video of the The Author of the book Awesome

This is worth a watch!
Click on the link or on the title above and it will bring you to the You Tube Video!
You're Awesome to me!

Friday, November 26, 2010

A Good Day!

Take 5 minutes and enjoy a refreshing perspective on your day, Today!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Do You Have Lasting Anger!

Take a look at where your anger is placed and what you are angry about.
Often, we get angry when we feel out of control regarding some presented aspect of life.
Thus, the control of our lives is the issue not the aspect presented.
If that’s even a little true for you, I have good news and bad news;
you are in control of everything, even and especially your reactions.
Determining how you want your experience of life to be,
regardless of circumstances, is not wishing it so.
It is the fundamental requirement for
freedom of choice and deep, lasting, personal happiness.
Otherwise, you are the ball in the pinball machine called life,
with no personal recourse or direction.
You could just wait and see what happens but,
that is just more of the same.
Or, you could take on self determination,
personal awareness and
definition of what matters.
As you begin to discover what you really want
from your life experience
and plot a course full of inspired actions
you will see immediate results.
Achieving happiness requires uncovering
what’s holding you in place
and choosing if you still want the result
those behaviors and reactions offer.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Be Your Best

Don't Accept Anything Less Than the Best You Can Be
Learn never to blame another for the pain you feel,
nor to complain about anything that life brings to your door;
but this doesn't mean to be accepting of those who would see you ache,
nor should you be apathetic in the face of anything
that challenges your hopes and aspirations.
Guy Finley

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Law of Attraction & The Love of Your Life

You have most likely read "something" or at least heard
about the Law Of Attraction and the process of
setting goals and focusing on what you really want.
Have you ever wondered if you can you use these
concepts to set goals when it comes to dating
or meeting the love of my life in, say, 90 days?
Or, if it is possible at all to set a goal for
something that seems so, fate driven?
Well lets take a quick look at; what this means,
if this is applicable and if so, how you would do this?

I'll begin with a question.
What if you have already met the love of your life?
Do you think that you would you know it?
Utilizing the characteristics of The Law of Attraction
your direct attention.
This process requires you to take a look
and identify what you really want in a partner and
what you really bring to the prospect
of actualizing your personal “love of your life” story.
Becoming more conscious
of your specific requirements,
needs and desires
of that ideal mate and importantly,
your ideal relationship will require you
to do some deep looking at what you hold
as valuable
in these areas.
Identifying what is most important
in those categories and in your life
will give you access and clear vision
for what you say you want.
With that new clarity you will then
be able to determine who and what is a fit
for your dream love relationship
Furthermore, since you will now be looking
specifically for the mate that fills
your very specific vision
you are now
most likely to notice when that person
on your radar and if the personal
characteristics of the individual
and the way you move together,
is a match for you.
That’s the Law of Attraction in action!